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Painted alloy wheel repairs are the most common repair we perform in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area. The most common cause is accidentally brushing against a curb.

This little bingle will scrape the finish off the outer edge of the wheel and potentially cause damage to the metal below. Our expert technicians possess the skillset required to repair your painted wheels.

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Repairing painted alloy wheels

First, we give your alloy wheels a deep clean to remove grease and grime. The damage is then removed using sanding and grinding tools. If any shape is lost, we’ll fill the damaged area with an alloy filler.

We then spray a primer onto the bare metal. This step preps the metal for the paint application, which is then applied. Once the paint has dried, we cover the wheel in a protective clear coat that will safeguard your wheel against water and air corrosion.

Why repairing makes good sense

When you damage your alloy or mag wheels, there are three solutions. You can replace, take your car to a workshop, or use a mobile alloy wheel repair service like ourselves. Now, replacements can be costly, while a workshop visit could leave you without a car for days.

The beauty of our service is we repair the problem within 40 minutes (per wheel) at your home or office. Advantage Alloy Repairs offers a two-year warranty on all work completed. We achieve the same or better workshop results.

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Why choose us

  • We’re one of the leading alloy wheel repair services in the state
  • Free no-obligation quote and no callout fee
  • More cost-effective than a replacement
  • Our friendly technicians don’t judge damage; they fix it
  • We arrive on time and don’t leave any mess
  • We’re quick, but that doesn’t mean we rush
  • We don’t remove your wheel, and you can drive the same day

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