• 2Jul

    The Different Kinds Of Alloy Wheels

    (We Can Repair All Of Them!) An alloy is technically a mixture of a metal and other elements. The different combinations create different alloys that all have different properties. These properties give each a different look and feel, as well as variations in performance and resilience to the elements. Generally, alloys are stronger and more… Read more »

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  • 18May

    An Important COVID-19 Message From Advantage Alloy Wheels

        I guess you’re wondering when this will all be over. If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait for everything to get back to where it left off.  Fortunately, at Advantage Alloy Repairs, we’ve made a number of small changes to our operations so we can continue pretty much as normal.  Bottom line?… Read more »

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  • 2Apr

    How much does an alloy wheel repair cost?

    Nothing quite gives a car that X-Factor like an awesome set of alloy or mag wheels! And nothing takes that X-Factor away like marks or dents in the rims. That’s why we take such precious care to ensure your alloys can be restored to their absolute best… and you can ride with pride. We know… Read more »

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