Showroom quality wheels at your home or office!

Maintaining polished alloy wheels can prove challenging. Unavoidable deterioration occurs from corrosion, scratches, and curb brushes.

Whether it’s major or minor damage, you will require an expert with technical tools to complete an in-depth repair. Our polished alloy wheel repair will return your wheels to brand-new.

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Repairing polished wheels

Polished alloy wheels (also referred to as traditional polishing) are a common type of alloy wheel finish.

We restore by buffing the wheel with progressively softer materials until the metal achieves a deep metallic shine — similar to silverware. Our solution will return your wheels to showroom quality condition.

Why repairing makes good sense

Nobody likes their car to have scratched and scuffed wheels. They’re a terrible aesthetic and can hurt resale value. Need a quick fix? We’ve got you covered for less than the cost of a replacement.

No matter the brand, we provide a long-lasting polished wheel repair. Advantage Alloy Repairs offers a two-year warranty on all work completed. We achieve the same or better workshop results.

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Why choose us

  • We’re one of the leading wheel repair services in the state
  • Free no-obligation quote and no callout fee
  • More cost-effective than a replacement
  • Our friendly technicians don’t judge damage; they fix it
  • We arrive on time and don’t leave any mess
  • We’re quick, but that doesn’t mean we rush
  • We don’t remove your wheel, and you can drive the same day