Showroom quality wheels at your home or office!

Machined face wheels are synonymous with luxury and power performance. This notoriety is what differentiates them from regular spray-painted wheels.

Our expert technicians have the technical tools and skills required to restore your machined face wheels.

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Repairing machined face wheels

First, we remove damage with a rigorous preparation stage. This process includes cleaning, sanding, and priming. Our technicians then proceed to colour-match your wheels, leaving a finish that looks virtually brand new. Clear coat protection completes the process.

We use gloss, matte or satin depending on the wheels original finish.

Why repairing makes good sense

A typical machine-faced wheel repair involves running the wheel through a machine. This process is not only time-consuming but costly. Need a better option?

Our solution can repair your machined face whee within 40 minutes (per wheel) at your home or office. Advantage Alloy Repairs offers a two-year warranty on all work completed. We achieve the same or better workshop results.

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Why choose us

  • We’re one of the leading alloy wheel repair services in the state
  • Free no-obligation quote and no callout fee
  • More cost-effective than a replacement
  • Our friendly technicians don’t judge damage; they fix it
  • We arrive on time and don’t leave any mess
  • We’re quick, but that doesn’t mean we rush
  • We don’t remove your wheel, and you can drive the same day