Machined-Face Wheels vs Painted Wheels

If you’re going to all the effort of adding aftermarket wheels to your beloved beast, you want to make sure they complement your car perfectly. But when it comes to the finish of the wheels, what’s the best option? Is the precision and detail of a machined-face wheel the best way to go? Or are you better off with the strength of the painted alloy wheel option?

Thankfully, we’ve got all the pros and cons you’ll need in deciding your next wheels.

Machined-Face Wheels

Machined-face wheels can achieve something regular spray-painted wheels never could. The surface of the wheel is spun as a machine gently removes a thin layer from the surface of the wheel. This exposes a smooth, shiny and consistent metal surface. And if the wheel was painted prior, the clever “paint in the pockets” look can be left behind – where the remaining surface is a pattern of the exposed raw metal and remaining paintwork.

So the looks are definitely a plus for machined alloy wheels – provided you don’t mind that the machine will leave lines similar to what you’d find on a CD. But the main con for machined wheels is the difficulty of repairing them. Unless you run the machine over it again, no touch-up fixes will ever get your wheels back to brand new condition.

Painted Wheels

Painted alloy wheels are definitely a simpler fix. You pick your colour, and it’s sprayed onto the surface of the wheel. And that’s whatever colour you like – gone are the days when you were stuck with grey and black as your only choices. They’re durable enough to withstand your day-to-day driving. But when the day does come that you chip the paint, a simple spray-over will see you off and running again.

So, what’s not to like? Well, painted wheels aren’t going to turn heads like machined wheels will. And once paint has been chipped off the wheels, it’s vulnerable and unprotected. So even if you buy painted wheels as a sturdier option, you still need to be incredibly vigilant with the condition of the paintwork.

Maintaining Your Wheels

No matter what wheels you opt for, the secret to their success is how you look after them. If you do find you need any help repairing or preserving your wheels, chat to the experts. Our team at Advantage Alloy Repairs have a wealth of experience in repairing all kinds of wheels, and we can give your car the VIP treatment.

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