Polished Wheel Repair

Polished Wheel Repair in Brisbane

Whether it’s minor or significant damage, Advantage Alloy Repairs can perform polished alloy wheel repair in quick time without any stress on your end. Our mobile professionals will come to your home or business with all the technical tools required to complete an in-depth repair.

We’ll expertly handle your polished wheel repair to bring the aesthetic and function back to brand-new.

Polished Alloy Wheels

Polished alloy wheels (also referred to as traditional polishing) are a common type of alloy wheel finish. They are produced by buffing the wheel with progressively softer materials until the metal achieves a deep metallic shine, similar to silverware. They are a luxurious choice and are constructed with the highest quality materials.

New polished wheels will usually have a clear protective coat to prevent water and air from corroding the metal. Older polished wheels may not have the clear coat as it took time to develop one that could effectively weld to the polish.

Caring For Polished Alloy Wheels

Polished wheels without a protective coat require a high level of care. They need to be washed, dried and waxed on a weekly basis to dissuade corrosion from occurring. This type of maintenance takes a lot of time and elbow grease to uphold.

Repairing Polished Wheels

A polished alloy wheel repair is necessary to effectively restore polished wheels back to showroom condition. Corrosion, scratches and damage from curbs are common occurrences and require a specialist technician to provide a superior alloy wheel repair on the damaged wheels.

Advantage Alloy Repairs is able to complete a polished alloy wheel repair on all makes and models. No matter the style, finish or brand, our mobile service can provide a time- and cost-effective solution to have your vehicle ready for use right away.

Our polished wheel repair is finished with a multitude of clear coats to seal in the paint work and protect the wheels from the elements.

Alloy Advantage Repairs ensures the highest level of care with your polished wheel alloy repair. Get in touch today to receive a free quote.

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