Shadow Chrome Wheel Repairs

Shadow Chrome Wheel Repairs Brisbane

Shadow chrome rims are designed for high-quality aesthetics. So when it comes to repairing any damage to them, they require an expert touch with experienced attention to detail. Our technicians are highly trained in the art of achieving a seamless colour match on all shades of shadow chrome.

Shadow Chrome Wheels

Shadow chrome is a finish for wheels that’s applied to create a “shadow” effect. This look was developed by an Italian company to give a high-end finish to vehicles. Now it’s popularly used around the world to provide an incredible appealing style.

To create shadow chrome wheels, a base layer of black is first applied. Then a shadow chrome is slowly dusted on the rim until the area repaired is colour-matched to the finish of the surrounding painted alloy. This is a process our experts also take to ensure your damaged shadow chrome rims look exactly how they’re intended.

If you’re unsure if your vehicle has shadow chrome wheels, our team will be able to tell you. By attaching photos of your wheel, we can discern its type and the extent of the damage, and will be able to provide you with a fixed price for repair.

Repairing Shadow Chrome Rims

The challenge with repairing shadow chrome wheels correctly comes when applying the layers of silvers to effectively achieve the look again. The repaired rim will also need to match the other shadow chrome rims on the vehicle. This requires expertise and a careful eye that’s a step beyond regular alloy wheel repairs.

Our specialists are experienced in the repair phase and the paint phase. Whether you just need one rim repaired or the whole set, we’ll make sure the look is spot-on. We’ve successfully repaired countless shadow chrome rims, along with other types of wheels, and each time the repaired rim has fit in seamlessly.

Ensuring the proper repairing and repainting of a shadow chrome wheel is essential in maintaining the luxury look. So make sure you choose a specialist that’ll be proud of their work on your shadow chrome wheel.

For a quick quote, fill in the form below along with photos of the damaged shadow chrome rim and we’ll send you a firm repair quote. Otherwise you can call our friendly team on 0416 527 220 for a solution today.

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