Painted Wheel Repairs

Painted alloy wheels are the most common alloy wheel repairs we perform in the Brisbane area. Our expert technicians are the professionals you can trust; with the experience and training to carry out a superior alloy wheel repair onsite at your business or home.

For convenient and affordable mobile service, Advantage Alloy Repairs ensures a quality finish with every job.


Painted Alloy Wheels

Painted alloy wheels come in a variety of colours and styles to give your vehicle an aesthetic look. It’s common for painted wheels to be chosen to match the vehicle’s main or accent colour, but it is also favoured by drivers to select a hue that will contrast brilliantly to enhance the car’s look.
Whether it be subtle and sleek or bold and vibrant, painted alloy wheels provide colour options to individualise your car with style.


How Alloy Wheels are Painted

Most alloy wheels are painted, and this process is started by spraying a primer onto the bare metal. This preps the metal so it’s ready for the paint application which is then applied. Once the paint has dried, the wheels are covered in a protective clear coat (either liquid or powder) for a durable finish that will protect against water and air corrosion.


Repairing Painted Alloy Wheels

There are many ways you can damage painted alloy wheels. The most common incident is accidentally brushing against a curb; this will unavoidably scrape the finish off the outer edge of the wheel and potentially cause damage to the metal below. Sometimes what may appear as just minor damage will require a detailed alloy wheel repair. And as painted alloy wheels now come in an array of colours, coatings, effects and profiles, it’s necessary to enlist the help of a technician who has the specific skillset required.

Advantage Alloy Repairs has the professional products, knowledge and expert colour-matching techniques to provide customers with a seamless, long-lasting alloy wheel repair. We’ll save you time and money by bringing our services right to your door.


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