Machine Faced Wheel Repair

Advantage Alloy Repairs specialises in restoring machine-faced wheels back to a flawless finish. Our experts have the technical tools and skills required to perform refurbish and recondition your machined wheels. With a mobile service that is both convenient and affordable for our customers, you’ll receive excellent alloy wheel restoration at your business or home – and at only a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Machine Faced Wheels

Machine-faced wheels are synonymous with luxury and powered performance. A top option for high-end vehicles and sport cars, this wheel finish adds a dash of sophistication to the aesthetic.
The machine finish is achieved by shaving the face of the alloy wheel with a CNC machine. This cuts, flattens and polishes the surface of the rim to produce shiny finish. A clear coat protection is then applied which helps give the machined wheels their glossy look. This process leaves small concentric circles on the finish (similar to the lines you see on a CD), which is a key way to identify machined wheels.

This kind of finish is ideal for those who like a machined look paired with painted accents. The protective coat also ensures the wheel’s paintwork stays in pristine condition

Repairing Machine Faced Wheels

Alloy wheel restoration is required from time to time to bring the wheels back to a factory finish. This involves sanding away curb damage, restoring the rims, colour matching and repairing damage or scratches. Machine-faced wheels will normally need to be re-machined to return them to pristine condition. Unfortunately, this process is time consuming, costly and can also see you without a vehicle for quite some time.

Advantage Alloy Repairs offers an alternative alloy wheel repair to bring your machined wheels back to nearly 100% of their original finish. Our process involves the removal of damage along with a rigorous preparation stage. We then expertly colour-match your wheels and leave you with a finish that looks virtually brand new.

Your machine faced wheels are in good hands with Advantage Alloy Repairs in Brisbane. Contact us today to receive a quote on your alloy wheel repair.

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